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A Few Staging Tips To Use When Selling a Home

Make buyers feel that your house offers everything they want in a home.

Home staging is all about preparation and presentation, with the goal of selling a house quickly and obtaining a higher market value. Eliminating dirt and clutter is key; the idea is to show off your home, not your furnishings, artwork or collectibles.

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1. Get rid of dirt and clutter

Kitchen and bathroom counters and refrigerator doors should be cleared off and clean. Carpets should be professionally cleaned and any unusual odors need to be addressed — your cat’s litter box may need to be temporarily moved to the garage. To reduce pet odor take a damp cloth and vinegar to any areas that need attention.

2. Let in the light

You should arrange furniture away from windows so potential home buyers can see the windows and out into the yard. Plus, you don't want to block any natural light! Area rugs and heavy draperies should be removed and stored. Don’t be afraid to show off your hardwood floors or ceramic tiles!

3. Less is more

Too much furniture can make a room look too small. Eliminate extra chairs or tables that are seldom used. A good rule to follow is there shouldn't be more than three items on any tabletop, and anything smaller than a football needs to be stored. A clean and organized room gives buyers an open mind as to what THEY would want to do with the space.

4. Don't forget curb appeal

Make sure the windows are clean and sparkly, shrubs are trimmed and flowerbeds weeded. Seasonal flowers at the front door are a plus. Replace old door hardware and either paint or buy a new front door if needed. Invest in a quality doormat for a welcoming entrance.

5. Clean out the closets before showing your house

A clean closet is more important than you might think when you have a home for sale. Store out-of-season clothing and remove the storage boxes so the closet will appear spacious. Make sure your closet hardware and lights are in proper working condition.

Final Step

Finish by your staging with live plants, colorful fruit in bowls and fresh flowers. Keep the thermostat at a comfortable temperature and let the buyers enjoy being in your beautifully staged home!

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